Tuesday, 21 April 2020

[Learn] Why Continuous Self-Development is Important for Us?

In Japan, there is a concept called “Kaizen” means “change for better” which refers activities that continuously need to improve to make something better. You can apply this philosophy also in human’s self-development concept. So we need to be consistent to develop ourselves.

You can apply this technique in every aspect of your life, in Business also.

What is Self-Development?

Self-development refers having that kind of consciousness which you need to improve your mindset/skills and then take every necessary actions toward developing or improving it. 

Basically it is some action taking steps to keep improve yourself always, like; by learning new skills or overcoming bad habits.

It’s a long term practice where a person goes through a development process.
And the reason why we called this “a long term practice” because you need to nurture it regularly. You need to keep focusing on it.

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