STC Bangladesh: Best Destination for Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP) in Bangladesh

STC Bangladesh: Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP) Course in Bangladesh

Now-a day Organizations (whether Local/Global) face a lot of Problem, competitions, & also seeking solutions for their customers as well. And here comes the need for a Business Analyst.

STC Bangladesh is also offering a certified Business Analyst program/course in Bangladesh, for those who want to take his/her career to the next level.

STC Bangladesh course in Certified Business Analysis Professional

Who is Business Analyst & what his role is:

Business Analyst role & responsibilities

The BA (Business Analyst) role can be described in several main tasks.
First they learn and understand the business problem. Then they work with the business users to identify the business needs and define the scope. Then the core role of BA comes Eliciting, Analyzing and Communicating requirements. Lastly the BA verifies that the gathered requirements meet the project needs.

Now let's look closely at these tasks.

The first step is, Understanding the problem or the opportunity in order to define a solution to a business problem. In this phase, the BA needs to study the product or service provided by the organization.

Step 2: Identifying the business needs or (solutions)

The needs are high-level goals of the project which will be later segregated into more detailed requirements. In this phase the BA communicates with the customers to gather their needs and understand why they want this project. This step can also be called “Creating the business case”.

 Step 3: Defining the project scope

In this phase the business analyst walks with the project manager and the project team in defining the scope. The scope is a high-level

Description of the project goals, risks, assumptions, business processes and all parties included in the project.

Step 4 requirements elicitation
As we discussed above, this is the core task of the business analyst role. Now let's take a look at some of the requirements elicitation techniques.

One-on-one interviews: this is a very powerful technique. it allows the SME’s (Subject Matter Expert) to explain exactly what the requirements are and helps you to understand the whole concept of the project. 

Focus groups are similar to interviews. it is very useful to get a group of people in one room to discuss their requirements with each other and try to find a solution.

Another useful technique is to send out a Questionnaire or survey to your stakeholders. This could be in any form; email, Google form or any other tool.

Step 5 analyzing requirements
After requirements are gathered the BIA needs to prioritize/categorize/ validate these requirements and many more. As each requirement is analyzed it generally leads to further questions which requires the analyst to probe further until all relevant issues are cleared.

Step 6 requirements documentation
This is when the BA documents all the information gathered and produces the BA deliverables like BRD (Business requirements doc), process flows (UML diagrams) and other documentation.

Step 7 requirements communication
requirements communication is an important skill for the business analyst where he or she will be working to bring different stakeholders and implementers of the project to a common understanding of the requirements and to get their buy-in on the final solution.

 Step 8 verifying implemented solution
After the requirements hand-off to the technical team the BA works for ensuring that the technical design meets the business requirements and usability standards.

Now it's obvious that the business analyst plays a crucial role in the success of any project from the start to the finish. The BA role is very important to ensure that the produced solution meets the business goals of all involved stakeholders.

Who should Attend this course:

Professionals like; Project Managers, Software Developers, System Analysts, And above all who want to take their professional careers to a new level, should this CBAP Certification course.

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