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Last Update: Jun 09 2020

Netflix, the biggest streaming service provider offers a wide range of award-winning TV shows, movies, documentaries, and more. So you can watch as much as you want, whenever you want on your internet-connected devices.

There are also some streaming service providers who play Netflix alternatives role in Bangladesh, but (to be honest) there is no comparison with it.

But the Good news is, you can enjoy Unlimited Netflix movies, TV shows, documentaries even from Bangladesh. Even you don't need any sorts of Credit Cards.

SO, now you are wondering, how much Netflix subscription fees in Bangladesh, or can I get any free trial of it??

We are here today to satisfy your all queries.

Let’s Talk.

Netflix Gift Cards in Bangladesh:

Below, we are going to provide Best Netflix Prepaid card service providers in Bangladesh so that you don’t need to worry about its payment-related issue.

And Good news is, you can pay those Netflix Bangladesh prepaid cards payment through Bkash.

Cheap Netflix subscription fees in Bangladesh:

We know that, Netflix is an American streaming service provider. So it’s obvious that you have to pay some subscription fees if you want to enjoy its service in Dollar.
And since you are from Bangladesh, it's almost impossible to pay in Dollar’s.

But don’t worry.

We got you. Because below are presenting some Netflix gift card service providers from Bangladesh who are offering Netflix prepaid cards so that you can enjoy endless entertainment.

So, if you compare, you can see some of them are offering the lowest subscription rate in Bangladesh.
Provider Lists
Range ( in BDT)
BDT 2,415 to BDT 8,805 ( USD 25 - 100)
BDT 1,460 to BDT 9,350 ( USD 15 - 100)
BDT 8,600 ( USD 100)
BDT 1,450 ( USD 15)
BDT 5,900 (60 USD)
BDT 1,300  ( USD 15)
2250 BDT - 4500 BDT ( USD 25 - 100)
BDT 1,850 ( USD 15)

Final Thoughts:

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