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Last Update: Jun 20 2020

Traveling to Kolkata is very popular among Bangladeshis. Every year a huge number of people visit Kolkata not only to travel, but also for medical, shopping, and/or study purposes. And if you wish, instead of boarding plane or train, you can travel from Dhaka to Kolkata by taking a non-stop AC/ non AC bus as well.

And, In this article we will try to provide you different Bus Services, Ticket Price, Bus Schedule & Ticket Counter information, if you wish to travel to Kolkata from Dhaka.

How to get from Dhaka to Kolkata?

From Dhaka, you can easily travel to Kolkata by bus. There are a lot of bus services operating between the two countries, Like; Green Line Transport, Shyamoli Paribahan, Sohag Paribahan Ltd, Royal Coach Service etc. Some of them are offering Chittagong to Kolkata bus service also.It will take almost Seventeen (17) hours to reach Kolkata, including your immigration process. 

Those bus services are all AC bus services. And if you don’t wanna enjoy their AC service, don’t worry; they have Also Non AC bus service. The buses will take you off on Marquis Street, near to the New Market in Kolkata.

Attention: There is one important thing you need to be attentive. If you decide, you’ll take bus to reach there; you must mention first in the passport to get the visa. Now, you have to cross the Benapole border of Bangladesh (Jessore) if you wish to journey by Bus.

You can get tickets from different ticket counters. Those Tickets can be purchased directly or through the website.

Dhaka to Kolkata Bus (AC / Non AC) ticket prices (where to buy) :

Royal Coach
Bus Type: Hyundai Universe, AC
Dep. Time: 10:00 PM
Route: Dhaka - Magura - Jessore - Navaron - Benapole – Kolkata
Fare : AC- BDT 1700/-

Soudia Air Con
Bus type: Mercedes-Benz.
Dept. Time: 10:15 PM
Route: Dhaka - Jessore - Benapole - Kolkata
Fare: BDT 1650/-

Shohag Paribahan
Bus Type: VOLVO B9R, AC Elite Class
Dept. Time: 6:30 AM
Route: Dhaka - Benapole - Kolkata
Fare: BDT 1820/-

Shamoly Paribahan
Bus Type: RM2, Volvo AC
Route: Dhaka - Benapole - Kolkata
Dept. Time: BDT 1400/-

BRTC Dhaka to Kolkata:

Right now, BRTC (Bangladesh Road Transport Corporation) a state-owned transport service facility by Bangladesh government is also now conducting Dhaka-kolkata-dhaka, Dhaka-agortala-dhaka, Dhaka-sylhet-shilong-gohati-dhaka, Dhaka-khulna-kolkata-dhaka international route bus service for their passengers with cheap price.

Below we have presented their ticket price in details.
BRTC Dhaka kolkata bus ticket price

Some Important Tips to Remember:
When you visit to Kolkata as a newbie, there are few things need to remember. Coz you don’t know what’s going to happen with you (Trust me; we really don’t want to happen something bad to you).

So, to keep you & your enjoyable Journey safe & sound, we thought below Tips/suggestions might be very useful for you.

  • It takes a passport number to buy a ticket. So, keep your passport always with you.
  • Reservations must be made at least 3 days in advance.
  • In the event of an accident, the Company provides for all compensation.
  • A passenger will be able to carry a maximum of 20 kg luggage separately.
  • If you are overweight, you will have to pay extra at the rate of Tk 30 per kg.
  • There are always high chances of losing goods in this kind of Long Journey. So you have to take responsibility for protecting your own belongings.


Above we tried our best to Provide accurate Bus operator’s information’s who are operating Dhaka-Kolkata-Dhaka bus service, and also their Ticket prices, useful Contact numbers etc so that you might take your journey to next label. And if you think this article as useful as you need, don’t forget to Share & let us know your inner thoughts.

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