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Looking DHL Chittagong Contact No??(With How DHL Tracking works in BD) Check it now!!!

So, if you are living at Chittagong, you might need to parcel your Important Docs to Dhaka, Sylhet, Or Rajshahi or whatever District in Bangladesh. And if you are looking for fast, secure & cheap courier service provider in Bangladesh, I think DHL is best choice for you.

DHL Express chittagong number

Below I’ll provide your desired DHL courier Contact No in Chittagong, price list & many more. But before that let me tell, what DHL is, how it works, where it operates.

What is DHL???

DHL is an American-founded German company which is now the international parcel, courier, and express mail division of the German logistics company (Deutsche Post DHL). DHL is known as the world's largest logistics company, particularly in sea and air mail.

Its reputation is worldwide and they're constantly building their brand value upon it. Its foundations were laid back in 1969 when three men saw the gap in the market for overnight document delivery between countries; their names were Dal Z, Hill bloom and Lynn.

Over the preceding decades, they introduced more products and services to meet the ever-changing demands of the industry graduating from a document courier to the world's market leading international Express logistics company. 

Today they operate the world's greatest virtual airline with 260 dedicated aircraft supported by 300 commercial air carriers making flights to 220 countries round the clock every single day of the year.

Having three global and 19 regional hubs supported by 4,000 facilities and 39,000 vehicles, they deliver over 1.3 million shipments daily all run by their 100,000 dedicated professionals & that’s what makes DHL one step ahead to its competitors.

DHL Courier Contact No in Chittagong:

Below we provide DHL Customer service in Chittagong as Promised. And I think you’ll appreciate us for our effort.

  • DHL Global Forwarding

Address: 30 Agrabad C/A, Chittagong 4000
Phone: 031-729305

  • DHL CEPZ Service Point

Address: Room No -27 & 28, Old Service Complex Chittagong Export Processing Zone, CEPZ Entry Rd, Chittagong 4223
Phone: 031-740413

  • DHL Muradpur Service Point, Chittagong

Address: Karim's Icon, 73/74 Muradpur Asian Highway, Chittagong
Phone: 01929-997017

  • DHL GEC Circle Service Point,Chittagong, Bangladesh
Address: 805, Ground Floor, JP complex, CDA Avenue, Near GEC Circle, Chittagong 4203, Bangladesh

Phone: +880 1929-997017

DHL Head office & Other Customer Service Numbers:

So, I hope you have already find DHL’s Chittagong customer service Numbers. But we also make some more arrangements for you. 

Below you’ll find DHL billing & invoicing related issue’s service no, DHL technical support no & also their head office numbers.

DHL Customer Service Hotline:    for Delivery Request or Pickup, Check Shipment Status or Proof of Delivery, you can use below Numbers,

Phone:   +88 02 55668100 or
+8801921112222 or 16359 (from local Mobile only)


For DHL billing and invoicing related Issue:

Phone: +88 02 883 5604       

For DHL Technical Support :  like Online, Advanced and Integrated Solutions

Phone:  +88(02)989 5960,    +88(01713)103672,      +88(01713)103673

DHL Bangladesh Head office no:

Phone: + 88 (02) 9895810


DHL Tracking System in Bangladesh

DHL tracking system is a unique way to trace your parcel at real time. Suppose, you want to parcel some important docs from Bangladesh to somebody who lives in US/UK. Though you used DHL Courier, a secure & reliable service provider, you badly want to the exact location of your courier’s position. And, good news is; now you can use DHL Tracking service from Bangladesh.  

So, when you want to ship something to somebody, you’ll be given a shipment (waybill, also known as tracking number), is a combination of letters & numbers that’s uniquely identifies your shipment that go from ORIGIN “A” to DESTINATION “B”. And based on you shipment products type, it may be from 10 to 39 characters long.

So, let’s say, you have your tracking number & you want to track your shipment. Now you need to go to your Website form HERE & put your tracking no in the box. (we’ll show below)

DHL tracking bangladesh

After Clicking “TRACK” button. They’ll prompt you another page & show you your packages exact location at this moment (like below).

          ( Note: Above image is used as an example to understand the process.)

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