Chaitra Sankranti Celebration in Bangladesh: Historical facts, Images for ultimate collection

The last day of the month of Chaitra is the last day of the year, as well. In general, the last day of Bengali month is called Sankranti. And this last day of the year is also known as Chaitra Sankranti.

So, here today we are going to discuss with you some historical facts, Different ways to celebrate Chaitra Sankranti. Hope you’ll like it.

Chaitra Sankranti celebration- then and now

Chaitra Sankranti comes from two different words. 
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“Chaitra” last month of Bengali calendar & “Sankranti” last day of month chaitra, that combines one, also a great way of preparation to welcome a new year.

On the occasion of Chaitra Sankranti, various programs, festivals and special occasions have been observing from ancient times.

This is especially a folk festival. According to the Hindu calendar, the day is considered as the festival of Maha bisuba sankranti. Mainly Hindu community peoples celebrate this festival.

According to folklore, the business community, especially on this day, celebrate farewell festivals. The shops will be washed away by cleansing all the rubbish in the last year, the first day of the first Baishakh will be opened. The name of the festival is 'Halkhata'.

On the occasion of the Chaitra Sankranti Mela, the villagers welcomed their grandsons & granddaughter with their parents to home. Peoples used to give new clothes to all and also to eat the finest food on this day.

In the fair, they all enjoy together for a couple of days. At present, the urban environment also has a happy atmosphere but it is not as it was before. However, now urban culture is also celebrating the festival of Chaitra Sankranti, which becomes a great way to communicate with each others.

Gajan Celebration

It is very much impossible to determine when the actual period  of Gajan started. Though there are some local myths about Gajan festival, the main concept of Gajan is actually linked to persons who are, directly or indirectly, related to agricultural community. They hardly pray for the rains and good harvest.

Gajan celebration is performed by the devotees, in order to get Lord Shiva's satisfaction.

Although the festival takes place for three days, starting before the day of Chaitra Sankaranti and the next two days, it also continues till the month of Asharr.

As we mentioned earlier, the reason behind for the Gajan festival is to worship the deities of the respective devotees, hoping for a better rainy season and good harvest. People also believe that the festival will provide them prosperity by eliminating sorrows and sufferings which they suffered in the previous year.

Chaitra Sankranti in Bangladesh

On the occasion of Chaitra Sankranti, various festivals and programs are also held in different tribes of Bangladesh.

They celebrate the Biju(Boishabi) festival on the last day of the year i.e. the last day of Chaitra month. This Boishabi Festival, observed with various formalities. Every house welcomes their guest with different tastes. So not only in the houses, but the celebration seems everywhere.

Today we are celebrating Chaitra Sankranti, while tomorrow we’ll welcome the biggest non-communal festival of Bengal the Pohela Baishakh.

So, TOMORROW is not only a new day, but also the start of a new year.
The whole Bangladesh is looking forward to welcoming New Year 1424. The entire country has now become a festive country.

Now it’s time to welcome Pohela Boishakh 1424. And in this way, we welcome New Year by saying goodbye to last year.

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Chaitra Sankranti celebration-kids

Chaitra sankranti festival image

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