Arbor Day Nebraska 2019!!! Historical facts,Quotes all you need to know

Happy Arbor Day: Overview

April 26th is Arbor Day in the US. This is a day when we celebrate trees and plants and are encouraged to plant and care for trees. It serves as a reminder to exactly the role that trees play in our environment, in our lives.

Even though, we know that they are helping for our survival and contribute to the absorption of co2 under a lot of things we don't know about trees. Just in everyday life trees are such a valuable part of our life and many cultures acknowledge this.
world Arbor day

I've always had a special connection with trees. I know that, some of my ancestors really were connected with trees and had some spiritual connection to trees and even though I really didn't know why I've always felt so connected to trees but, of course, now I know that they do so much for us and  I'm really not surprised  for what are they doing for our survival.

I'm sure this isn't an exhaustive list but this is a top 22 benefits of trees.

OK…wait!!! Before discussing the benefits of trees, let’s hear some historical facts about Arbor Day.

Historical facts about Arbor Day

The very first Arbor Day was held in 1805 in a small Spanish village where a local priest convinced the importance of trees for the well-being of the world, organized a three-day tree planting festival. The priest drafted a manifesto in defense of the festival calling on surrounding villages to plant and celebrate trees.

About 70 years later American J sterling Morton organized the first Arbor Day in the United States. On April 10th 1872, an estimated 1 million trees were planted in Nebraska. From them, National Arbor Day championed as conservationists holiday as a means of educating Americans about the importance of trees.

Facing the widespread destruction of American forests, in 1907 Theodore Roosevelt issued the Arbor Day proclamation to the schoolchildren of the United States in which he advocated for National Arbor Day and tree education. And within 10 years, the celebration moved from schools children to across the country. Over time other countries also established their own versions of Arbor Day & now it's the biggest day of the year.

Top benefits of trees

Many of us already know that excess carbon dioxide (CO2) caused by many factors is building up in our atmosphere and contributing to climate change. 

Trees are able to absorb co2, by removing the carbon as well as releasing the oxygen back into the air. Trees absorb odors and pollutant gases like nitrogen, ammonia, sulfur dioxide and filter particulates out of the air by trapping them on their leaves and bark.

Trees provide oxygen and in one year, an acre of mature trees can provide enough oxygen for 18 people.

In the last 50 years, the average temperatures have risen 6 degrees Fahrenheit as the tree coverage has declined and the number of heat absorbing roads and buildings has increased. Trees can cool the city up to 10 degrees Fahrenheit by shading homes and streets, breaking up urban “heat islands” and releasing water vapor into the air through their leaves.

Trees shade slows water evaporation. Most newly planted trees need only 15 gallons of water a week. As trees transpired they increase atmospheric moisture.

Trees prevent storm water from carrying pollutants to the ocean. When mulched, trees act like a sponge the filters this water naturally and use it to recharge groundwater supplies.

Now-a day’s Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the United States. Trees reduce UV-B exposure by about 50% thus providing protection to children on school campuses and playgrounds where children spend many hours outdoors.

Studies have shown that patient's with views of trees out of their windows heal faster and with less complications. Children with ADHD show fewer symptoms when they have access to nature.

Trees mark the seasons. What???? Are you kidding me???
 Absolutely not. If you confused whether is it winter, spring, summer or fall? Look at the trees.
Trees create economic opportunities very well. Fruits harvested from community orchards can be sold, thus providing income. Small business opportunity creates in waste management and also in landscaping, arise when more cities value mulching and its water-saving qualities. Vocational training in green economy creates jobs opportunities for youths, is also a great way to develop economic opportunities from trees.

Trees bring diverse groups of people together. HOW???
Tree plantation provides an opportunity to communities for involvement and empowerment that improves the quality of life in our neighborhoods. All cultures ages, genders have an important role to play to prevent deforestation.

Thanks to all for having with us and it will be a great way to celebrate Arbor Day if we care about the environment, care about the trees every day. So Happy Arbor Day to everybody.

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