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PGDSCM in Bangladesh:

Supply chain management is called the backbone of any business. This special branch of management works from the beginning till the delivery of products to the customer.And now-a-days studying PGD in SCM has become a buzzword in Bangladesh.

Since the expansion of trade and commerce now extends across the country and spreads across the world, competition level has increased. And in order to meet this challenge, there is a huge amount of job opportunities awaiting for supply chain management professionals.
institutes offer pgdscm in bangladesh

Like other countries, there are some institutes in Bangladesh that offer PGD (Post Graduate Diploma) degree on supply chain management. And today we will talk about those organizations Academic Details, Admission Procedures, Admission Eligibility, requirements etc, which will ultimately help you to take best decisions. But before talking about those institutes, lets know about what Supply chain management is, How it works, Benefits of studying Supply Chain Management.

So, Let’s talk………..

What is Supply Chain Management?

So, before introducing Supply chain Management, you first need to know, what Supply Chain Management is, how it works?

If you look closely, you’ll find out the global supply chain is all around us. From stocking the shelves in your local grocery store, to securing your weekend getaway hotel, to ordering online from your favorite website. All these tasks require supply chain coordination.

What do you feel when your favorite ice cream isn't on the store shelf? Or, your vacation gets canceled just because you can't find a hotel room? Or, your favorite website can't get your desired products? When this happens, it's called a breakdown or missing link between the chains & its supply. 
So, Supply chain management means improving the supply process from one end to the other. It includes the designing, planning, execution, control, and monitoring of chain activities.

Supply chain management diagram

The role of supply chain professionals is to collaborate with various areas within the organization to identify the problem and find a reasonable solution that prevents the breakdown from happening again & again.

Benefits of Studying SCM:

I think we clearly enough to provide you a brief detail about what is Supply chain Management. & now we are going to talk about the carrier in logistic and supply chain management in Bangladesh perspective.

Logistic is one of the most important and fast-growing carrier fields in Bangladesh & also in the world as well. Without the planning and execution of the distribution of raw materials/resources, society as we know it, would cease to function and cause chaos around the world.

All types of business - whether big or small, need supply chain managers to help with inventory and accounts receivable. A small business may have one person in charge to perform these duties while large corporations have entire logistics and supply chain Department.

Supply chain management’s employment area requires itself to contribute to an organization’s profitability. So a supply chain manager needs to closely work with cost efficiencies, maintaining proper inventory levels, supplier development, etc. 

when a company hires a supply chain manager, its expectation from him to increase sales volume, infiltrate new market opportunities. So it’s up to a supply chain manager’s responsibility to establish a competitive advantage among its competitors.

When you study supply chain management, you’ll learn how to handle the industries latest trends & challenges. Keeping the right balance is a major challenge in this line of area. Coz technology is always changing. & when it comes to SCM, managers need to keep an eye to industrial advancements to provide better solutions to its organization, customers, & vendors as well.

Since technology is changing rapidly, business world is constantly experiencing changes. If you don’t keep pace with modern technology, you’ll become outdated. This‘ll cause them to struggle with profitability. So companies need skilled Supply Chain Manager’s to make the right decision in case of unexpected complications and implement effective solutions.

Bangladesh is a fast growing developing country in the world. And in the last decade, the country has recorded GDP growth rates (Above 5 percent) due to its development of microcredit and specially garments industry. And without proper supply chain activities, any industry will face massive collapse. But good news is there are several institutes who offer PGDSCM in Dhaka, Bangladesh to prepare its manpower to keep pace with modern supply chain trends & methods.


Bimsedu offers PGD (Post Graduate Diploma) in Supply Chain Management which will help students to get acquainted with modern business trends. They started their PGDSCM course in 2011 & still continuing their journey.
 Bims Supply Chain management

Also a good news is waiting for you, which is, Bimsedu’s certificates are awarded by

QUALIFI, a UK based recognized institute which ensures quality education procedure.

Below we present their course details at a glance, that offered by Bimsedu.

Course Fees
Total course fee is 35,000/- that can be paid in 2(two) equal installments. 
Fees for UK registration are included into this.
Course Durations
PGDSCM course has 2 (two) semesters. 
Students will be assessed by comprehensive semester final exams. 
Course can be completed within 6-7 months.
Minimum bachelor’s degree (or equivalent qualification) is required. 
Students having 3rd division/below GPA 2.5 (or less) are not eligible to apply.

If you want you can make contact with them, there Campus Address is:

GA-9/3, Progoti Sharani, Shahjadpur, Gulshan, Dhaka.
Call us: 01717 25 15 85, 01977 25 15 85
Mail: info@bimsedu.com

You May also, 👉 Apply OnlineThrough Here.

Academy of Business Professionals (ABP):

Academy of BusinessProfessionals (ABP) is a consulting, training, and career development institute offers PGDLSCM in Bangladesh.

It’s led by a team of enthusiastic professionals who have experience (locally and abroad) in different sectors.
 ABP scm course

ABP provides PGD in Logistics & Supply Chain Management (PGDLSCM) Program, which offers an in-depth understanding of inventory planning, procurement, warehousing, and transportation management in supply chain context.

They designed their course materials with tools and techniques to evaluate, manage and improve operational services, which will enable learners to build their strategic planning and leadership skills.

Course Content:

1st Semester 2nd Semester
Fundamentals of Logistics and Supply Chain Management Procurement Management
Operations Management Supply Networks Management
Planning for Demand and Inventory Green Logistics and Transport Management

Admission Eligibility & Fees:

Individuals with an undergraduate degree from any recognized institution can apply. Also those who don’t hold a degree, but have vast professional experience in the relevant areas are eligible to apply.

The standard Course fee for this program is BDT 25,000 only. And you can also pay the fees in installments,
1st installment: BDT 12,500 at the time of admission
2nd installment: BDT 12,500 before 1st semester exam

To know more, please contact below address:
44 F/7 (7th Floor), Rongon Tower, West Panthapath, Dhaka-1215
Phone : 01791139998, 01844178017
Mail :  contact@abpbd.org

Mind Mapper Bangladesh:

Mind Mapper Bangladesh is another leading consultancy firm operates across the Bangladesh and the Asian region. It works with reputed organizations including private, public and social sectors. it operates their activities in Chittagong also.

 Mind mapper scm

Mind Mapper proudly offers Professional and Educational Programs mainly in the area of Supply Chain Management by ISCEA (International Supply Chain Education Alliance, USA) which is big deal for students.

To give you a clear idea, below we present their SCM course structure;

Course Content
Strategic Supply Chain Management 
Sourcing Management 
Manufacturing, Planning & Control 
Materials Management 
Logistics & Distribution Management  
Supply Chain Project (Project work)
Course Fee
Application form : BDT 500
Registration fee: BDT 15,000
Tuition Fee(Per Semester): BDT 20,000
Course Duration
Six(6) Months (3 Semesters)
Registration valid for 12 months

Download Mind Mapper’s PGDSCM Course details from 🠞🠞HERE .


 BRAC Supply chain program

BRAC University, a leading private university in Bangladesh offers Masters Programme in “Procurement and Supply chain management (PSM)”. The university was established in 2001. Since its inception, the organization has been playing a special role in higher education in Bangladesh by maintaining the quality of education.
The main purpose of their Masters programme in “Procurement and Supply Management’ is to enhance the procurement issues and to sharpen decision making ability.


Now let’s talk about MPSM admission requirements…..

  • At least holding a Bachelor degree
  • CGPA 2.5 or above in Bachelor Degree
  • Candidate with 3rd Division or CGPA below 2.00 are not eligible to apply
  • Must qualify in Admission Test.
Fee Structure:

Their fee structure are as below :

Admission Fee Tk.20,000
Tuition Fee per credit Tk 5,500
Computer Lab Fee Tk 2,500 (per semester)
Student Activity fee Tk 1,000 (per semester)
Library Fee Tk 1,500 (per semester)
Library Membership Fee TK. 2,000 (One time )               


Since 2007 DCCI Business Institute (DBI) is the only authorized Institute to conduct the Modular Learning System in Supply Chain Management (MLS-SCM courses in Bangladesh.

Since then, the courses already have become popular among the business community in Bangladesh & for those who are looking for Supply Chain Management course in DCCI we are presenting in details for you.
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Admission Requirements
Course Fees ( Per Module )
All Graduate and Post graduate
 students are also eligible to apply.
Course fee Tk. 35,000/-, Course Book fee Tk. 3,000/- and Exam fee Tk. 27,000/-; in total Tk. 65,000/-
payable by Pay Order/DD/Cheque or in Cash.
Discount on Course fees
10% discount on course fee for (one option applicable):
(i) DCCI Members;
(ii) Women participants;
(iii) Two (2) or more participants from one organization for same course;
(iv) Defence Officers (Army, Navy, Air Force, Police, etc.)
(vi) MLS-SCM Certificate & Advanced Certificate participants for enrolling into next level.

15% corporate discount for 5 or more participants
from the one organization to the same programme.

For Registration, 
Contact: DBI, Tel: 02 9552562 Ext. 124, 137 & 02 9550104, Mob: 01913756587 & 01766018659, Fax: 9560830 
E-mail: dbi@dhakachamber.com, 
Website: www.dcci-dbi.edu.bd.


So, as you can see we give our best effort to collect above information about Post Graduate Diploma Opportunities in Supply Chain Management (PGDSCM) in Bangladesh. 
And, if you have any queries in this regard, please let us know by leaving a comment below. Coz, We’ll be very happy to help you out.

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