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How to protect your consumer rights by filing complaint at DNCRP (কিভাবে ভোক্তা অধিকার আইনে মামলা করবেন)

Let’s suppose you’re enjoying your dinner at a restaurant. You noticed that the quality of the food is bad / they are claiming unreasonable price for the food (like the price’s worth more than the price written on the product.)

So as a consumer, you can ask the appropriate authority for the reasons.

Suppose, you asked to know the reason, but didn’t get any good answer.
Now, what do you do? Accept this unfair silently??????????


So if you don’t know what to do next, I think this article is appropriate for you.
DNCRP- Directorate of National Consumer Rights Protection

Well…..The solution is; you can file a written complaint at DNCRP - Directorate of National Consumer Rights Protection ( jatio vokta odhikar bangladesh) against that Restaurant/Hotel s, or any organization where if you think your rights are violated/ in this regard.

About DNCRP & the Procedure for filling the Complaint:

Directorate of National Consumer Rights Protection is a fully government organization whose main aim is to ensure consumers' interests by protecting rights.
The procedure for filing the complaint:

According to vokta odhikar songrokkhon ain 2009 , 2009 Article 76 (1),

"Any person who is, generally, a consumer or likely to be a consumer, may file a written complaint informing the Director General or the person authorized by the Director General against anti-consumer rights act ,under the Ordinance.”

According to Act (section 60),the claim needs be made to the Director General or any authorized officer of the Directorate within thirty(30) days of arising the reason for the activity of any anti-customer right practice.

After proper investigation or inquiry if a complaint is proven to be true, the Director General or any authorized officer may impose fine upon the person/institution. And when the fine is finally realized, the complainant will get 25% of it.

Suppose, you file a case of Tk Ten thousand (10000) for adding extra 25 Tk, & if you won, then you’ll get 25% of the case, like2500 TK.

Complaint filing points:

To conduct the operations properly jatio vokta odhikar Bangladesh has opened several complaint cells across the country so that consumers can make their complain easily.

Below we are going to provide you, those Vokta Odhikar complaint cells address, and hotline (Phone numbers) for your convenience.

National Consumer Complaint Center,  Address: 1 Karwan Bazar (TCB Bhaban-9th Floor), Phone: 01777753668, Email:

Chittagong: Deputy Director, Chittagong Divisional Office, TCB Bhaban, Bandartila, Chittagong. Phone :  031-741212

Rajshahi: Deputy Director, Rajshahi Divisional Office,  Srirampur, Rajshahi. Phone: +8807-21772774
Khulna: Deputy Director, Khulna Divisional Office,  TCB Bhaban, Shivbari More, Khulna. Phone: 041-722311

Barishal: Deputy Director, Khulna Divisional Office, Mohila Club Bhaban, Barishal. Phone: +8804-3162042

Sylhet: Deputy Director, Sylhet Divisional Office, Divisional Commissioner's Office, 
Sylhet. Phone: 0821-840884

Rangpur: Deputy Director, Rangpur Divisional Office,  New Engineer Para, Rangpur. Phone: 0521-55691

To make a Complain, the complaint—
  • Must be in written & have the receipt of products/services attached to it.
  • Need to mention his full contact details (see below form)
  • Can be made through e-mail, fax, or any other means of electronic communication.

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