Need an Education Loan in Bangladesh to study abroad??? Check below offers which suits you

After graduation, many of us have a dream to make ourselves more highly educated. But Bangladesh has very less chance of higher education. Some of us luckily managed to get a free scholarship. But what will happen to the others???? Education Loan is the best solution for them & most banks in Bangladesh providing some lucrative offers for the students.

education loan procedure in bangladesh

There is a lot of money required to be admitted in any professional course. And, to be honest, most of us do not have this supply of money. That’s why we need loans for education purpose. 

But the main question is, who will provide you education loan? What kind of conditions do you need to get an education loan???

What, looks worry????

Well, there is no reason to be tensed. Because today we will discuss all the issues related to education loan.

Banks who provide Education Loan to Students in Bangladesg:

Almost every commercial bank in Bangladesh provides various kinds of Study loans/credits for their clients to make their life simple and easy. Some Banks offer many attractive loan packages to help their customers against minimum interest of charges. 
Here is a list of all banks that provides education loans and choose the best one to make you dream comes true.

Name of the Banks
Loan Limits ( in BDT)
Mercantile Bank Ltd
Maximum Tk.5.00 lac & Max. Tk.20.00 lac for studies in abroad.
NCC Bank Ltd
Minimum: Tk. 1.00 lac and Maximum: Tk 1.00 Cr
Prime Bank Ltd
Minimum Tk 50,000 & Maximum Tk 10,00,000 .
Eastern Bank Ltd
Minimum: Tk. 1.00 lac and Maximum: Tk 10.00 lac
Trust Bank Ltd
Maximum: Tk 5.00 lac
Bank Asia Ltd
Minimum Tk 25,000 & Maximum Tk 5,00,000.
Uttara Bank Ltd
Maximum: Tk 3.00 lac
NRB Bank Ltd
Minimum Tk 50,000 & Maximum Tk 10,00,000 .
One Bank Ltd
Minimum Tk 50,000 & Maximum Tk 3,00,000 .


Eligibility for loan:

Anyone who is able to pay the loan can take education loan from these banks. Usually, officers whose salary between 25-30 thousand taka per month can get the benefits of this loan.

However, in the case of Businessmen, monthly income must be above 50 thousand taka which is subject to proof.

Required Documents:

If the guardians are interested in taking education loan for their child, need to make contact with banks responsible officer and submit necessary information and documents such as income certificate, college / university certificate of admission and the student's consent.

And after checking & affirming the submitted papers, Banks will give you the desired loan within a short period of time.

Basically all banks need to verify some certain papers/Documents, Such as:

  • Completion of Account opening formalities (ex : Letter of Introduction)
  • Letter of Authorization from the Student.
  • Copies of National ID Card & TIN of Student(s) and Guarantor(s)
  • Net worth statements of applicant(s) & Guatantor(s)
  • Copy of Passport with valid visa of the applicant(s), where applicable.
  • Copies of Certificate of Education of the applicant. 
  • The Latest bank statement, 12 months for businessmen & 6 months for employees.

Loan Tenor:

Some Bank offers 12-48 months. Other 2/3/5 years. Actually it varies from bank to bank.

Below Video Tutorials will help you to understand your study loan related quarries.

FYI : We are not associated with any Banks. We just collected above information from their website & present to you, so that you can take the best decision before applying education loan. Our best wishes with you for your success. And if you find our article will help others, don’t forget to share.


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