BIHRM Admission info on PGDHRM & PGDSCM

BIHRM Admission info on PGDHRM & PGDSCM:

BIHRM Admission circular on PGDHRM & PGDSCM (2020) has just published. To know more, check out our below in-depth article. Furthermore, here you'll get BIHRM in Dhaka(Uttara, Farmgate), Chittagong campus & course details.


Human resources management is considered a smart job field in the modern world. But its popularity and working area in Bangladesh are quite new. Although keeping pace with the modern world, the demand for this profession in Bangladesh is increasing day by day. 

So, if you are thinking to get any PGDRM course &/or  MBA in HRM in Bangladesh, we can assure you that, you're in the right place.

Both government & non-government institutions emphasizing on their Human Resources Management” section & also fair use of the employees as well.Because the success of an organization largely depends on the organization's human resources management.

And that’s why we have an institution like Bangladesh Institute of Human Resource Management (BIHRM). Here, we tried to provide a glimpse of full HR admission requirements.

Also, you'll get Application Procedure & Guidelines, Application Eligibility, Payment procedures, which are as follows.

Bangladesh Institute of Human Resource Management (BIHRM) :

BIHRM is the pioneer & maintaining international standard training institute for HRM professionals in Bangladesh. It’s a non-profitable, non-political charitable foundation, registered by the Government of Bangladesh, Ministry of Commerce & Register of joint-stock companies & firms under Act 1860. 

This institution is run by profound University teachers, Researchers, High ranking H.R officials & specialists. & to do that it maintains close relationships with national & international institutions & associations especially the Asia Pacific, USA & UK based H.R organizations.

Objectives of BIHRM:

BIHRM aimed to serve HR professionals & established its position to become a leader through maintaining international standard education at a minimal cost.
The purpose of the institute is to educate, train & develop all HR Executives who are engaged in industrial & service organizations of public & private organizations and NGOs.

  •    Developing thinking & analytical ability to be a professional leader in the H.R.M field.
  •     Establishing relationships with similar organizations at home or abroad for exchanging knowledge & experience.
  •    Increasing participant’s confidence in their respective field to make organizational decisions effectively.

Why Should you choose BIHRM????

Maybe there is a question already raised on your mind that, Why Choose BIHRM???
Below you’ll find out why.
  •    Trained & experienced faculty members & professional HR executives.
  •    Enormous collection of Books & articles.
  •    Maintain international standard & also Govt. approved curriculums
  •     Easy payment system
  •     Flexible credit transfer facility
  •    Affordable tuition fees.

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 Currently, BIHRM offers 4 kinds of PGD (Post Graduate Diploma) Programs. They are,
1. PGD in HRM
2. PGD in Human Capital Management
3. PGD in Compliance &
4. PDG in Supply Chain Management (SCM)
BIHRM Admission 2020 circular

Below we present a snapshot each & every course details for you.

                                                     PGD in Human Resource Management

Human resource management (HRM) is being called the backbone of an organization because it provides the required manpower for the present and futuristic needs.

PGD in HRM (Human Resource Management) is the one of the popular Programs of BIHRM because they help students to get an in-depth understanding both (Administrative and Behavioral) from the subject.

Its aim to prepare students to become a better human resource professional for playing role as a futuristic leader by teaching different perspectives.

Program Objectives/Goals

  • Develop written & oral communication skill.
  • Critical thinking ability by understanding Human resource management related issues.
  • Analyzing, Problem solving capacity by applying different tools, techniques / theories.
  • Develop leadership behavior by identifying challenges.

Program details:

1st Semester 2nd Semester
Human Resource Management. Labor & Industrial Law.
Principles & Practice of Management HR Research Training & Development.
Industrial Psychology. Industrial Relations.
Final Semester : Thesis & Viva voce
Credits : 27
Every subject carries 3 credits, Thesis 6 credit and viva 3 credit hours.
Duration : 6-9month

                               PDG in Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Since Supply Chain Management is the core activity of any business, BIHRM designs their Supply Chain Management course in such a way that students can think themselves as a Supply Chain Manager who is dealing with Marketing , Human Resources , Operations , Finance etc , in a word whole business activities.

Program Objectives:

Their main focus of their SCM program on;

  • How to Plan, organize, and control of key elements for an organizations success.
  • How to emphasis on strategic planning as well as making decision for managerial process.
  • How to set logistics activities and services to ensure availability of products for customers.
Course Details:

BIHRM’s PGD in Supply chain management’s course duration is 6-9 months & Total course credits: 27

They designed their course as below : 
1st Semester 2nd Semester
Supply Chain Management Logistics & Transportation Management
Purchasing & Procurement management Production & Operation Mgt.
HRM for Supply chain leadership Inventory & Distribution Mgt.
 Final Semester : Thesis & Viva voce

PDG in Compliance Management (PGDCM)

First Time in Bangladesh BIHRM provides Post Graduate Diploma in Compliance Management (PGDCM) which can prepare professionals for taking up a new challenge in HR Management sector. It is also best for those who would like to develop their skills within an existing compliance management role.

It provides a wide range of compliance management/Social Compliance topics, combining with theoretical & practical tools, compliance management techniques, absolutely needed for every compliance managers.

BIHRM designed this course contents accordingly EU, US and global standard, and for those who need to practice compliance management skills on a day-to-day basis.

Program syllabus:

1st Semester 2nd Semester
Social Compliance Worldwide Labor Law
Human Resource Management SA 8000 & Compliance Audit
Labor welfare Safety & Security ISO:9000
Duration:6 months,2 semesters, Credit Hour:27

                 Post Graduate Diploma in Human Capital Management

BIHRM offers Post Graduate Diploma in Human Capital Management (PGDHCM) which enables human resource enthusiastic with necessary techniques for the professional excellence and upcoming challenges.

The course serves as “TOOLBOX” for HR practitioners, non-HR managers / potential executives who are responsible for HR practices and operational /departmental people matter.

Who should participate:
Students who graduate in any discipline, wish to consider his/her career in Human Resource Management or other professionals who wish to switch his career to HR, will get comprehensive knowledge in Human resource management.

Course contents

1st Semester 2nd Semester
Human Capital & Talent Management Employee welfare safety and security
HR Selection psychology and people analytics Employee economics, finance & EPZ Act.
Performance & Reward Management HR Negotiation & Employee Law case 
Final Semester : Thesis & Viva voce
Duration : 6-9month
6 month regular class on friday. 3 months for thesis and viva.

Contact Info:
Please feel free to contact their respective office if you have any query.

BIHRM Foundation Office:
15 Indira Road (3rd Floor),Framgate,Dhaka-1215.
Phone:(88-02) 914 2464, 01817-011 406, 01911-214 545

BIHRM Uttara Office:

Here are some thoughts about BIHRM given by their fellow participants.

                    BIHRM Supply Chain Participants comment :Shahidul Islam

BIHRM Supply Chain Participants comment :Mr. Nazrul Islam

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