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What does it mean by Good Governance ? In simple words, disciplined and systematic governance can be called good governance. And it requires accountability, protection of law and human rights and above all skilled manpower. And to fulfill the needs of skilled manpower Bangladesh Institute of Governance and Management (BIGM) has started its journey. And good news is, you'll get BIGM Admission related full resource from here.

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Bangladesh Institute of Governance and Management ( BIGM Admission Information)

Formerly known as Civil Service College, Bangladesh Institute of Governance and management was established in 2006, aimed to meet the needs of higher studies of civil services, executives of private sector (NGO’s & other entities) who are very eager to improve their performance & knowledge on good governance.

The vision of the BIGM is to become a leader in research policy, along with developing governance & also establish transparency & accountability in the public service sector in Bangladesh.

Below you’ll find their objectives.

  •     Ensuring growth & development of Bangladesh through Human resource development by providing leadership & skills.
  •     Train civil services as well as executives of private sector
  •     Conduct research activities in key areas (ex: Public Administration, Management)
  •     Building strategic capacity & commitment in Governance, Public administration.

BIGM Admission Course Details:

BIGM offers 3types of MPA (Masters in Public Administration) Programmes in Bangladesh,

1. HRM (Human Resource Management)


2. GPP (Governance and Public Policies)


3. IER (International Economic Relations)


Who can apply? :

  •           Executives from private organizations as well as NGOs
  •           Civil servants with good academic background.
  •           Executives from State-Owned organization.
  •           Executives from financial sectors (ex: Bank)

BIGM Academic and Professional Requirements:

  •     Minimum Masters Degree, Or 4 (four) years’ Bachelor Degree having 2(two) years service/work experience.
  •      3 (Three) years Bachelor Degree with three years’ work experience
  •      2 (Two) years Bachelor Degree with four years work experience, Or
  •     Fresh graduate with excellent academic result having a first division or equivalent in all examination.

Points Requirement :

Minimum 6 points (in total) is needed to be considered for application:

1st Division/Class/CGPA above 3.5 = 3,

2nd Division/Class/CGPA 2.75 to < 3.5 = 2,

3rd Division/Class/CGPA: 2.00 to < 2.75 = 1

BIGM Application Procedure:

Admission procedure in BIGM is very simple.

1st Step,  go to their Website -   

2nd Step, Click “ Apply Online” Tab

3rd Step, Fill up all information as required.

4th Step, Press “Submit Button” after filling up all fields

5th Step, After successful submission, you’ll get your Applicant ID. You’ll get your unique ID & other details through mail. You can pay your application fees via Bkash.

& finally, you’ll get a confirmation mail from BIGM.

Also, you can get any admission related help simply by calling below no:


BIGM Fees & Charges:

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What are BIGM fees & charges for the Master’s Programme????

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Below we are presenting to you about BIGM semester fees, Tuition fees & Other charges in details.

BIGM Office address:

E-33, Sher-E-Bangla Nagar, Agargaon, Dhaka-1207

PABX: 880-02-9141031, 9141065, 9141252 (Ext: 102, 106, 107),

Fax: 880-02-9141231

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